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Merlin Chain

The Native Bitcoin Layer2

Unleashing Bitcoin's Potential with Native L1 Assets, Users and Protocols

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Merlin supports various types of assets

Merlin Chain will bring innovation and utilities on Layer2 with those native Layer1 assets

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Core Features
Low Fees, High Scalability
Merlin Chain offers low fees and high scalability as an EVM-compatible chain, ensuring swift transaction processing and enhancing transaction liquidity.
BTC Protocols Support
Merlin Chain supports popular Bitcoin protocols such as BRC20, BRC420, Bitmap, Atomicals, Pipe, Stamp, and more, enabling a more extensive user base to interact on Bitcoin Layer2.
ZK Rollup on Bitcoin
Merlin Chain has implemented ZK-Rollup to enhance efficiency and scalability, with sequencer nodes responsibly managing data transmission via decentralized Oracles, ensuring transparency and security.
Native Innovation
Merlin Chain continues its commitment to fair launches and community-driven native innovations on Layer2, dedicated to delivering unique solutions designed for the Bitcoin network and its users.